torsdag 24. oktober 2013

Lucky Raya

Lucky Raya
my pride and my joy
She loves our hikes,
turbo speed and her toys

The most fun she knows
is when the boys want to play
She runs like the wind
probably thinking "stay out of my way"

When Raya calms down
she is as relaxed as can be
With animals is on the screen
we look interseted both Raya and me

I do prefer my own Language in my blog.
But now and then it's fun to try writing in english too :)

Hope you all have a great thursday

3 kommentarer:

  1. What a wonderful friend you have!

  2. Det er så koselig med hund. Jeg ønsker meg hund igjen, men dagene er litt for hektiske! :(

  3. Härliga bilder och visst är det mysigt med djur.